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Copyright, Terms Of Use & Licence

All Grey Olltwit programs on this site are originals made by Grey Olltwit (aka Grey Olltwit). They are PC Windows ('95,'98, ME, NT 4, 2000 or above) programs. As a minimum they normally require a Pentium 90 with at least 16MB of RAM but if your computer is running Windows '95 or above then you should be able to run our programs. Many 486 systems run our programs without any problems. Some systems running Windows 3.1 may be able to run our programs with the Win32s upgrade from Microsoft but we cannot endorse this and you do so at your own risk. Click here for more information but make sure you back up any important data before trying this Windows 3.1 upgrade.

Unless otherwise stated in the individual program, each entire executable file downloaded from this site and its contents are copyright to Grey Olltwit Software.

Members Only Programs

Each members only program is only available to registered members of Grey Olltwit's website and is not to be copied to another unregistered user. You may not make copies of the program or provide it for download on any other website. You may not add it to a DVD/DVD or other removable media, for sale or provided for free, to unregistered users.

Each can be used under the terms of our single licence as follows:

Single User Licence: Allows Grey Olltwit programs to be used on one computer within a single non commercial establishment. If the PC is a laptop, it may be used outside the establishment provided the machine is owned by the same non commercial organisation. Selling or copying of the disc is strictly prohibited.

A Multiple User Site Licence can be purchased for use on more machines. Click here for details of a multiple licence.

Each program is provided 'as is' and no responsibility can be accepted for any damage or loss of use resulting from its installation.

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free educational software DVD

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