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Customer Service

I think I must give one of the best customer services in the World. I don't know about your experience but whenever I contact a company these days with a question or problem, it takes them several days to get back to me with an answer and more often than not, I get no reply at all. Plus, if they do reply, they never seem to have read what you have written, often giving some banal response to your query or they credit you with the intelligence of a small winged insect by giving advice like "have you turned your computer on".

When I reply, I try very hard to follow my own set of 3 rules, which are as follows:

1. I read my email, which includes these contact forms, many times during each day, and reply to 99% within 24 hours, most within an hour or two. If you don't hear from me within this timescale then it may mean my internet connection is down or I am travelling.

2. I actually read what you have written, not just the first line or two but all of your message. I then try to answer all of your points, not just one or two.

3. I will credit you with intelligence and unless you mention that you are new to computers, the internet etc., I will bypass the basics and try to give advice of a much more specific nature.

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free educational software DVD

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